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Effective ways to stop Ragging
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Effective ways to stop Ragging
Effective ways to stop Ragging

In India, ragging is prevailing since a long time, no doubts there are laws to prevent the victimization, but the question that resists defusing is what we can do on upfront to fight against this social evil? The law is acting in its way, but can we as a society and as a youth, add our contribution to prevent the ragging? The answer is YES because it is agreed that prevention is better than cure.


The guidelines that can help to avoid ragging are as follows:

Counselling of Students - Most of the students in colleges are not that comfortable to talk about the incident they are going through, with their parents. Each College must have a counselling cell with the teachers on the board. The counsellor shall help the students to talk and open up about their sufferings and problems faced.

CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) - Some of the colleges are updating themselves by installing the CCTV cameras in corridors, washrooms, classrooms, playgrounds, etc. With this move in technology, knowing that we are watched in CCTV's, it is tough to do ragging with any of the students.

Discussions and Interactions - Discussions and Interactions are crucial, especially on serious topics like ragging. The college can arrange for interactive sessions of junior and senior students on different issues.

Punishments or Penalty - Ragging happens when the culprit knows the lenient nature of the management of the college, if the punishments are made more stringent, then it could be tough for the person committing the crime of ragging.

Picturing the reality - Most of the students thinks ragging as fun without realizing its effect on the victim. Therefore, the colleges can arrange a documentary film on the topic of ragging to make students understand the pain.

A squad of Anti-Ragging - The management of college and teachers can form a team to fight against ragging. The team should consist of students pertaining to different grades, genders and social, economic background.

Role of Parents and Teachers - Parents and teachers can club themselves together and find the way by taking the wards into confidence.  Any distressed response of the student should be reported to their parents immediately. Parents need to take care of indications like crying spells, refusing to talk, injuries, etc. by the children. They can communicate about the same with the class teacher or college authorities and in extreme cases with the police.

College Authorities - Authorities are also bound to set up anti-Ragging cells at the college, which can offer counselling and lessons of human rights. College can organize interactive sessions between senior and junior students to build a rapport.  Teachers need to have a personal bond with students to understand their problem.

Senior Students - The senior students of the college are bound by the undertaking that they sign upon admission, to abstain from ragging. The student union and other bodies can form the squads for anti-Ragging to persuade their peers and to keep them away from it and make aware of the Anti-Ragging laws.

Fresher - They must be aware of what constitutes ragging and also about their rights. Knowledge about anti-Ragging cells, helpline numbers, counselling centres etc. is mandatory, and they mustn't hesitate to use them if needed. The students can use RTI methods to get contact number of parents of the person responsible for ragging and can intervene them.

Civil Society - NGOs like CURE, SAVE, Aman Movement etc. must be made part of the mechanism of anti-Ragging of the college and allowed to use their knowledge to curb the malice.

Moreover, the government can use print media, NGOs, TV, radio etc. to spread awareness about the ragging. In a broader canvas, the government can take the essential steps to avoid the intake of addictive drugs and alcohol on the campus, which serves into incidents of ragging.

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