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Procedure to File Complain against Domestic Violence
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Procedure to File Complain against Domestic Violence
Procedure to File Complain against Domestic Violence
Women have always struggled against atrocities committed on them. Domestic violence is one of such brutality which is prevalent in every class of the society to the extent that either you are a victim or you may have witnessed this violence. It has become common for women to end up with bruises and broken bones after such incidents in their domestic life. All women need to know that a complaint about Domestic Violence can be filed by any aggrieved woman who has faced such. The wife can file a case against her husband and in-laws, a mother can complain against her son, a girl can complain against an abusive father or brother, a woman can complain against her partner in case of live-in relationship.
Violence is not necessarily just physical; it can be, Emotional, Economical, and Sexual. Ex: Ill-treatment of your children by the father can also constitute domestic violence. 
In the time of crisis, remember the following places where you can file the complaint against domestic violence and seek help.
Nearest Police Station: Approach to the nearest police station to file an FIR (First Information Report). Request to register an FIR. The policemen are duty-bound to do so and cannot refuse.
NOTE: If the police tell you that occurred incident doesn't fall in their jurisdiction then in such case ask them to register a 'ZERO FIR' (an FIR which can be  transferred to the relevant Police Station later.)
Police will note down the description of the incident and ask you to sign it. Check the FIR twice before signing it. Never sign the FIR blindly. It is much better if you take some time before approaching the police and write down all the details by yourself describing the incident on a piece of paper and then hand it over to the police. Thereby avoiding any inconsistency.
If you are not comfortable talking about the abusive incident to a male police officer, you can request to be directed to a women's cell where female police officers assist the victims.
Filing of the Online FIR: Certain states in India provides the facility for filing the online FIR. In case you are a resident of any of such states, then filing an FIR online can be an alternative to visiting an actual police station.
National Commission for Women (NCW): NCW can address complaints relating to issues faced by women. The Complaints may be received orally, written or suo-moto under Section 10 of the NCW Act. The complaints are related to domestic violence, harassment, dowry, torture, desertion, bigamy, rape, cruelty by husband, refusal to register FIR, gender discrimination, and sexual harassment at the workplace.
Fill the required details in the form, after submission of the form, you will be issued a receipt number. After which you will obtain your file number, user id, and password within ten days of the filing of the complaint.
Research shows that 85 per cent of domestic violence victims are female, and only 15 per cent of victims are men. It can happen to anyone if this issue not dealt with. We must stand together and make more stringent laws, which will protect the victims in the correct sense.

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