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Need to amend CrPC and IPC to increase the conviction rate.
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Need to amend CrPC and IPC to increase the conviction rate.
Need to amend CrPC and IPC to increase the conviction rate.
Indian Criminal system has a serious backlog on pending investigations and trials. This shows that the crises are becoming more severe with each passing year. The conviction rate in criminal cases is pitiful as stated by the Union Home Minister Amit Shah while addressing the 49th Raising Day Event of the Bureau of Police Research and Development (BPRD). The level of success depends upon the level of evidence required for conviction. He addressed the age-old police techniques like ministering third degree, and the typical process of phone tapping will not help yield the desired results to curb the crime rate.
Suggestion for the Bureau of Police Research and Development
The Union Home Minister has suggested the following steps to improve the rate of conviction substantially:
  1. He indicated that the rate of conviction could be corrected when supported by forensic evidence.
  2. Shah suggested BPRD prepare a blueprint for the creation of modus operandi bureaus at the state and national level.
  3. Bureau will study the technique of crime and the mentality of criminal, and this will help to reduce criminal activities.
  4. They will prepare and suggest better working policies and technology solutions for the police forces
Forensic Science Laboratories (FSL):
FSLs are government laboratories equipped and charged to deal in the scientific examination of circumstantial evidence such as examination of poisons, blood, and physical.FSL reports are the reports suggested by the government laboratories in almost all criminal cases. The FSL report given to the court is the final phase in Conviction.
Usage of improvised FSL for increasing the conviction rate:
The use of forensic evidence is the need of the hour for police investigators to clinch convictions against criminals.
The government is revolving to make forensic evidence compulsory in all criminal cases where the quantum of punishment is seven years or more. The usage of FSL should be encouraged and made compulsory under law.
Consequences of improvising tools for Forensic evidence:
The Union Home Minister suggests that if charge sheet is supported by forensic evidence, then there will be no more options before the judge and the defence lawyers.  He added that automatically the conviction rate would be improvised. 
Police and national forensic science university will be created at the national level along with college affiliates for students who are willing to pursue a career in police or CAPFs. The ambit of forensic based investigations will be widened. 
Upcoming reformations:
As there are no changes in CrPC and IPC for a long time, the suggestions and recommendations of the BPRD will initiate a process for effective changes in CrPC and IPC the primary laws governing the criminal offences in India.

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