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Points to be Noted for Child Custody to Father
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Points to be Noted for Child Custody to Father
Points to be Noted for Child Custody to Father
Essential points for Child Custody by Father
Generally, chances of full custody for fathers are good, only when mother has left a child alone in father's care for an extended period, and basically if she was absent from child's life for that time. Custody can be difficult to win by a father, although the courts don't discriminate against fathers. Whether a father going for full custody or joint custody must be prepared for a difficult child custody battle, specifically if the child's mother is also filing for custody.
The custody for a child for Hindus is determined by the Guardians and Wards Act, 1890 (GWA 1890), Hindu Minority and Guardianship Act, 1956. (HMGA 1956) which has an overriding effect on GWA 1890. It means that child custody can be easily granted to women in the interest of the child's welfare.
Consider the following tips to help the father get custody;
Support Payments: Any father who wants custody of a child should regularly make payments for the child’s support. In case a father has an informal arrangement with the child's mother, he should maintain records for payments. He should build a strong relationship with the child.
When the child is not in the father's custody, he should call the child frequently and check on his day. A father can stop by the child's school and get familiar with the administration. He should check on the progress of the child often and ensure the child knows that he's there to offer any assistance necessary.
Maintain Records: A father should maintain an accurate visiting schedule record to help win child custody. He should attend all school and social Gatherings. It is essential for a father who wants custody to attend the child's social, educational, and other important events as the evidence of a progressive relationship with the child.
Space for your Child in your place of Residence: However, small space the father lives in, he must make a special place for the child in his house. The Court will inquire about accommodations during all hearings for child custody. Fathers who want the custody should be prepared to respond to the judge's inquiry regarding housing plans.
Design Plan: A Judge will assume a father to be prepared for child custody, in case child custody is awarded. Fathers should gather thoughtful responses to potential questions by a Judge. For example, a Judge can ask questions about living accommodations, the child's education, including after-school activities and financial readiness.
Be Respectful: A father who wants custody of the child should always remember to respect the mother of the child. How a father treats the mother of the child can be a factor in determining the custody. Those fathers who are rude or disrespectful to the child's mother will also affect the child, along with the chances of obtaining child custody.
Be Honest with Yourself: A father who wants the custody of a child should ask himself whether he can handle it. It is observed that many fathers may have other responsibilities such as other children or multiple jobs, which can affect a father's ability to assume custody of a child, especially in full custody.
Ask someone Wiser than You: A father who wants the custody of a child should speak to others who have been through the process of child custody, as such person may offer insight and let a father who is going through the process know what to anticipate.
Mediation or Arbitration: A father who wants the custody of a child should consider mediation or arbitration before undergoing an adversarial court hearing. In mediation or arbitration, cases are decided by a neutral third party. For a father, custody proceedings in a courtroom may be challenging to handle so he may prefer the smaller, friendlier setting associated with mediation or arbitration.

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