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Classification of various Collar Jobs
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Classification of various Collar Jobs
Classification of various Collar Jobs

In India, Groups of individuals working are typically classified based on the collar colour they wear at work; these commonly reflect the occupation of an individual. For, e.g. the pink-collar worker is one who is employed in a job that is traditionally considered to be women's work. Below are some more classifications of various colour collar jobs:


  • Pink Collar: A pink-collar worker is usually a woman; men rarely work in a pink collar job. Pink Collar workers are educated and are provided with the skills through seminars, classes, training program, diplomas, or, and they have to continue to strive for advancement in their careers. The sectors mostly dominated by women are teaching, secretaries, beauty salon industry librarians, maids, receptionists, flight attendants and spa industry. But nowadays even men work in a pink collar job. Historically, women were responsible for handling the household course. The financial security of household women was taken care of by the male patriarchy. Divorced or widowed women struggle a lot to support themselves and their children. With the development of the educational system, women started to get more opportunities. Now, women aimed to be treated like the equals of their male counterparts.
  • Gold Collar: Gold collar workers are highly skilled workers with knowledge in their respective fields; they are also classified as white-collar workers. They ate different from the less experienced white-collar counterparts like bookkeepers, clerks. The colour gold applies to highly skilled professionals due to their skills and high demand in society. The gold collar professionals include Chartered Accountants, Surgeons, Lawyers, Engineers, Company Secretaries, etc.
  • Red Collar: The Government workers of all types that are procured from compensation received from the budget of red ink comes under the red collar jobs. The civil servants are regarded as red-collar workers with the red political power of China.
  • Grey Collar: The skilled technicians who are both blue and white-collar comes under the grey collar jobs. Information Technology workers are an excellent example of grey collar jobs. They are mainly white-collar but perform the tasks of blue-collar with some regularity or consistency, for. e.g. the engineers. The Grey collar jobs also include the old aged workers after their retirement.
  • New Collar: New collar jobs develop soft and technical skills that are needed to work in the modern technology industry through non-traditional and advanced educational ways.
  • No Collar: The artists who intend to privilege passion and personal growth over financial gain comes under the category of no-collar job. People who do not expect the payment for their work are included in no collar.
  • Orange Collar: Named after the orange jumpsuits commonly worn by inmates and Prison labours,
  • Blue Collar: Historically, blue-collar workers wear uniforms which are usually blue in colour and work in trade occupations. The workers who do their work manually or technically.
  • Green Collar: Green Collar Job includes the workers in a wide range of professions relating to the environment and renewable energy.
  • Black Collar: The manual labours of the industries who work in the process of mining or oil drilling comes under the black collar. It is also used to describe the workers involved in the illegal profession.
  • Virtual Collar: Robots performing several manual tasks, both physical as well as virtual.

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