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There is a noticeable steady upward graph of the digital presence of lawyers. It is the need of the hour, when Clients prefer online management of their case.


When you are amongst 2000 of your own fraternity, there is a seamless opportunity to network with each other and build an efficient eco-system.

Payment management tool

You will be able to track and manage your payments under the Payment management tool; you will be able to generate payment links that can directly be sent to the Clients.

Legal Updates

There will be constant upgradation of legal updates on the website in the form of snippets, articles, judgement summaries, newsletters and so on.

Case follow up manager

In case you require assistance at any point, our case follow-up manager will coherently guide you through it and acts as a point of contact between you and the client.

Better visibility

Since digital presence is being accepted everywhere, it is important to not only have a presence but also to accommodate better visibility of your profile.

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LegatoApp is a legal tech company that focuses on creating technology developments in order to make access to the legal industry, easy for lawyers. In order to provide the Clients with adequate legal services with the help of tech and non-tech features, you can collaborate with LegatoApp for better visibility, viable work and Client exposure.

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Key Features of Union Budget 2023

1. Vision for AMRIT KAL

  • Opportunities for citizens with a focus on the youth
  • Growth and job creation
  • Strong and stable macro-economic environment

2. Saptarshi -7 Priorities

  • Inclusive development
  • Reaching the last mile
  • Youth power
  • Financial sector
  • Green growth
  • Unleashed the potential
  • Infrastructure and investment

3. Agriculture & Cooperatives

  • Building digital public infrastructure: Building an accessible inclusive and informative solution for farmers.
  • Setting up agriculture accelerator fund: For the encouragement of innovative ideas for startups in rural areas
  • ANB Horticulture Clean Plant program to be launched: To boost production of high value horticulture crops
  • Targeted funding: INR 20 Lac Crore agricultural credit has been targeted as animal husbandry, dairy and fisheries sector.
  • Making India global hub for millets: “project Sree Anna”, support to be given to IIMR, Hyderabad for promoting research
  • Setting up of widely available storage capacity: Will enhance farmers remuneration by enabling sale at appropriating times

4. Health

  • 157 new nursing colleges to be established
  • Sickle cell anemia elimination mission to be launched
  • New programme to research in pharmaceutical to be launched
  • Joint Public and private medical research to be encouraged via select ICMR labs.
  • Increased expenditure on health and education from 1.4% to 2.1% in health and 2.8% to 2.9% in education

5. Education & Skill Development

  • Revamped teachers training via District Institutes of Education and Training
  • National Digital Library to be set up for children and adolescents
  • States will be encouraged to be set up physical libraries at panchayat and ward level

6. Mass Housing & Accommodation Plans

  • 9 crore drinking water connections to rural areas
  • Cash fransfer of INR 2.2 Lac Crore to over 11.4 crore farmers under PM-KISAN
  • Insurance cover for 44.6 crore persons under PMSBY and PMJJY
  • 47.8 crore PM Jan Dhan Yojna bank accounts
  • 220 crore Covid vaccinations of 102 crore persons
  • 9.6 crore LPG connections under Ujjawala program
  • 11.7 crore households toilets constructed under SBM

7. Infrastructure & Investment

  • Incentives to boost investment in infrastructure and productive capacity resulting in frowth and employment
  • Increased capital investment outlay by 33.4% to INR 10lac crore
  • Continuation of 50 year interest-free loan to state govt. to incentivize infrastructure investment
  • Highest ever capital outlay of INR 2.4 lakh crore for Railways
  • 100 transport infrastructure projects identified for end-to-end connectivity for ports, coal, steel and fertilizers sector
  • Creating urban infrastructure in tier-2 and tier 3 cities via establishment of UIDF (urban infrastructure development fund)

8. Potential Trust Based Governance

  • Make AI in India: three specialized AI centers to be set up in educational institutes: AI based solutions in agriculture, health and sustainable cities
  • National Data Governance Policy: Enable access to anonymized data for research by start-ups and academia
  • Vivad se vishwas I: Less stringent contract execution for MSMEs: relieve to MSME affected during the Covid period
  • Vivad se vishwas II: Easier and standardized settlement scheme: Faster settlement of contractual disputes of Govt. and Govt. undertakings
  • Phase 3 e-Courts to be launched for effective administration of justice
  • Entity Digi Locker: facilitating secure online storing and sharing of documents
  • Setting up 100 labs for 5G services-based application
  • R&D grant for lab grown diamonds sector: to reduce import dependency by encouraging domestic productions

9. Green Growth

  • PM-PRANAM to be launched: will incitivize states/UT to promote usage for alternative fertilizers.
  • 500 new waste to wealth plants: to be established under the GOBAR Dhan scheme for promoting circular economy
  • Sustainable ecosystem development: MISHTI: Mangrove plantation along the coastline
  • Amrit dharohar for optimum usage of wetlands

10. Financial Sector

  • Setting up of national finance information registry: to enable efficient lending, promote financial inclusion and enhance financial stability
  • Setting up of a central data processing center: for faster handling of administrative work under the Companies Act
  • Credit Guarantee scheme for MSME: expanded corpus under a revamped scheme to enable additional collateral free guaranteed credit for INR 2 lac crore
  • Mahila Samman Bachat Patra: One time new small savings scheme for a 2-year period with a deposit facility of up to INR 2 lacs for women
  • Benefits for senior citizens: enhanced maximum deposit limit for senior citizens saving scheme from INR 15 lacs to 30 lacs.
  • Other initiatives: To promote business activity on GIFT IFSC

Create more trained professional in securities market via award of educational certificates

11. Fiscal Management

  • 50 year interest-free loans to states:

To be spent on capital expenditure within 2023-24

Part of the loan in conditional on states increasing actual capital expenditure and parts of outlay will be linked to states undertaking several reforms

  • Fiscal deficit of 3.5% of GSDP allowed for states (0.5% tied to power sector reforms)
  • Fiscal consolidation: targeted fiscal deficit to be below 4.5% by 2025-26

12. Tax Benefits for Industry

  • Enhanced limits for micro-enterprises and professionals to avail benefits of presumptive taxation; 95% of receipts to be non-cash
  • Deduction on payment made to MSME to be allowed only when payment is actually made
  • Extending 15% corporate tax benefits to new co-operatives commencing manufacturing till 31st march 2024
  • Higher limit of INR 2 lacs for a member for deposit and loans in cash by PACS and PCARDBs
  • Higher limit of INR 3 Crore for TDS on cash withdrawal for co-operative societies
  • Extension of the date of incorporation by one year for income tax benefits to startups

Benefits to carry forward of losses on change of shareholding of startups from seven years of incorporation to 10 years.

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Top 10 reasons to hire a Civil Lawyer

Hiring a civil lawyer can be a valuable asset in a variety of legal matters as a lawyer for civil disputes efficiently handles disputes with individuals or other companies over contracts, personal injury claims and many such. Whereas civil lawyer for property assists their clients in resolving real estate issues by providing advice and guidance on the specific laws and regulations involved pertaining to their client’s case. They can be a significant help to your company or their clients for handling a wide range of legal issues on civil matters as they are attorneys who specialize in handling non-criminal legal matters, such as contracts, torts, personal injury, property disputes, and other disputes between individuals or organizations through negotiation, mediation, or litigation. Therefore, Civil lawyers play a dominant role in resolving disputes and upholding the rights of individuals and organizations in society. Civil lawyers for property and lawyers for civil disputes also specialize in representing companies. In addition, they are often referred to as corporate or business lawyers as their work further extends to assisting companies in dealing with several legal issues and formalities such as incorporation, contracts, mergers and acquisitions, intellectual property, litigation and advising on regulatory compliance, employment law and anything which comes in the ambit of civil law. Lawyers for civil disputes and civil lawyers for a property are also hired by private law firms or in-house for the companies they represent. Civil litigation lawyers hired as civil lawyers for property assists in regard to settling disputes on various matters related to people, property and businesses they work for along with advising clients with respect to their legal rights and obligations. If you are wondering how to find a good civil lawyer, then keep reading further. Some fundamental criteria and sources to find the best lawyer for civil disputes are explained hereunder.

How to find a good Civil lawyer?

Finding the right lawyer be it for your individual concerns or a case or for a company is a significant decision that will reflect many other aspects such as securing your civil rights, and maintaining legal obligations as it also involves monetary investment by clients. Thus, it can not be taken with a casual approach. Therefore, it must be a careful decision when you hire a business lawyer for your company or a civil lawyer for a property or civil dispute. You must consider finding a lawyer from a reliable source to minimize the chance of getting cheated, which is quite prevalent in the digital world. Although you can opt for asking for references from friends and family to consult a good civil lawyer for your case or you can also search on trusted online resources. However, be it from any source, one must check out the profile of the business lawyer or lawyer for civil dispute thoroughly to check whether it meets your concern or your company’s specific legal requirement or not. The fairest way to do that is by examining their efficacy by area of practice, level of experience in handling similar cases, professionalism, availability, responsiveness and communication skills etc to know the best fit for your case. Here are the top 10 reasons and benefits that you should know if you are looking for a lawyer for civil disputes or a business lawyer for your individual case or a company.

Top 10 reasons to hire a Civil lawyer

1.        To handle disputes or lawsuits

If you hire a lawyer for civil disputes, he will certainly take over the responsibility to handle lawsuits or disputes related to property, contracts, or personal injury handling everything about the legal procedure that follows so that their clients can be relieved.

2.        To draft and review legal documents

A business or civil lawyer working for their clients and company such as contracts, wills, and deeds by providing legal guidance on the terms and provisions of the agreements to ensure compliance with the law. Also, by reviewing for accuracy, completeness, and consistency to avoid disputes or misunderstandings.

3.        To represent clients in court proceedings

A lawyer hired for handling civil disputes represents individuals or organizations in dealing with disputes and helps them efficiently navigate court proceedings.

4.        To negotiate settlements on behalf of clients

Effective communication having negotiation skills is one of the key qualities found in a good civil lawyer. It helps in settling negotiations in a court and with other commercial partners and businesses while having corporate deals. Therefore, lawyers for civil disputes can help in representing clients' interests and advocating for their desired outcomes. It also helps in maintaining a professional demeanour and avoiding misunderstandings.

5.        To advise clients on their legal rights and obligations

The best civil lawyers advise their clients and assist them in understanding their legal rights and obligations. 

6.        To provide improved and valuable guidance  

Lawyer for civil disputes is one of the proficient legal professionals in their respected fields. Hence, they can impeccably yet truthfully provide guidance to their clients about local, state, and federal laws and regulations. This can eventually help clients in making better decisions.

7.        To protect clients from being taken advantage of or cheated by others

The knowledge and skills of the potential lawyer act as a shield to protect their clients from the evil mind of others be it their rival company or any other. A lawyer for civil disputes can defend you by providing accurate guidance and remedies. For instance, if you are cheated by a builder or developer then, a lawyer for a property dispute can come to the rescue in helping you get your claim or any other legal alternative that may be imposed.

8.        To help clients achieve their desired outcome

Every reason for hiring a civil lawyer or a business lawyer mentioned above aims to help clients in getting their desired results and favourable outcome. 

9.        To provide expert testimony in court cases

Providing expert testimony in court cases is an essential part of collecting shreds of evidence to help clients win the case. Be it a business or civil lawyer or a lawyer for property disputes, he/she can effectively defend clients in court cases.

10.      To safeguard and assert clients' constitutional rights

Constitutional rights are meant to provide freedom and dignity to all the citizens of the nation and lawyers play a significant role in protecting them. Therefore, hiring a civil lawyer will undoubtedly make sure that your constitutional or fundamental rights are not infringed by any cause.


Hiring a civil lawyer is a crucial decision that can greatly impact the outcome of a legal matter as a civil lawyer specializes in handling cases related to contracts, property disputes, personal injury claims, and other non-criminal legal concerns and cases. Hence, they can provide valuable insights and legal advice along with representing clients in court and negotiating settlements and drafting legal documents on their behalf. thus, a qualified and experienced civil lawyer can help ensure that clients’ legal rights and interests are protected and enhance their chances of getting the desired outcome. If you are looking for a lawyer for civil disputes in Mumbai or the “the best civil lawyers near me” and wondering how much does a civil lawyer cost, then legato has got you covered. You can search for civil lawyers in Mumbai and also, from other cities like civil lawyers and the best civil lawyers in Ahmedabad, Pune and Bangalore and book a consultation to find the best fit for your concerns.

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Frequently Asked Questions

LegatoApp is a legal tech company that creates technology developments to make the legal industry easy for lawyers. One of the products of LegatoApp is to create an aggregation platform that hosts legal professionals on an interactive online platform that connects its Clients to the legal professionals from pan India in order to provide the Client with adequate legal services with the help of tech and non-tech features.

You are required to fill a form on the dashboard,and the support executive will get back in order to complete the formalities.

No, we are not a Law firm.

There is no registration fee for the initial basic Sign Up, but there are curated paid packages for lawyers that entails a list of services provided by LegatoApp.

In the current pandemic situation, it is vital to have a recognized digital presence that allows you to interact and build your clientele at your home's ease.

LegatoApp will helpprovide you with visibility, increase your recognition, and provide a better reach to build your clientele.

We are not a marketing platform; we do not levy any advertising fee. We cannot guarantee any amount of work, as the work you get depends on the level of experience and on the selection of a lawyer by theClient, based on the consultation taken up by the Client.

  • Call Consultation
  • Video Consultation
  • Face to Face Consultation

It entirely depends on you; you can offer a free consultation or charge a fee for it.

It depends on the matter of the Client. Generally, consultations range between 30 minutes to 45 minutes.

The algorithm of LegatoApp tries to geographically categorize the clients in order for better visibility and access.

You are required to have 2+ years of experience, and you should currently be in practice.

Law firm – multiple partners can register on individual capacity

Yes, the partner of the lawfirm can register with LegatoApp in an individual capacity.

In case there are multiple partners, all the partners can register on an individual basis.

  • You should provide LegatoApp with accurate details which will assist in speedy authentication of your profile,
  • Make sure your profile is descriptive in order to achieve an edge over other profiles,
  • You should update your profile on a regular basis.

You are required to mention six categories in order to receive a broader client reach.

Considering it is a digital platform, you may receive a clientele outside of your geographical boundaries based on the Client's requirement.

You are the sole decision taker of the fee to be levied to the clients. You are required to mention LegatoApp of these charges at the time of client handover.

No, we do not charge any fee for showcasing your profile. LegatoApp is not a marketing/advertising platform; we simply try to meet with the client requirements in order to provide them with a lawyer based on these requirements.

There is no minimum time; you can opt-out of the services at any time. You can contact us at

Yes, lawyers can Sign Up on LegatoApp as well. There may be certain times that you as a lawyer, would be required to transfer a case/ matter to another lawyer.

In case a lawyer is unable to work on a particular case, we will assign that work/case/matter to another lawyer. However, any work that is delegated to a lawyer should be done through and by LegatoApp only.

You can consult a Senior Counsel through LegatoApp for an added remuneration to be paid for the Senior Counsel's services.

We have a certain reach in the legal industry for the research papers and article we post, and you can post such research papers and articles for an additional cost on our platform.

This is a required step for the authentication of the lawyer.

You can email us at or call us at 7738071611 or WhatsApp us on 8692051611