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Personal Injury - Damages
  • By: Admin
  • Date: 05 November 2020
  • Personal Injury
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Personal Injury means where one person has been wrongfully hurt to seek and to recover money for the injuries sustained because of the fault of another person. For example, Personal injury caused due to a road accident.

Intentional Wrongs

By: Admin Personal Injury 30 October 2020

A Tort is derived from the Latin word “tortus” which means wrong. It is also known as Judge made law. Law of Torts is not codified. The tort is defined as an act which is conducted by one person towards another...
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Personal Injury Lawyers

By: admin Personal Injury 12 February 2020

A lawyer who provides any legal services to a person who claims to have injured, physically or mentally, as a result of the negligence of another person, any entity or company is known as a personal injury lawyer. Person...
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Overview of Assault and Battery

By: admin Personal Injury 19 April 2019

We have heard the phrase '˜Assault' and '˜Battery' several times in our day to day life. The terms are two different legal concepts with discrete elements. Some states split them up while others and combine the offences....
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