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Interim Maintenance under the Domestic Violence Act
  • By: Adv. Kishan Dutt Kalaskar
  • Date: 01 August 2020
  • Domestic Violence
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Domestic Violence is a type of abuse in the general domestic setting, such as in a marriage or cohabitation. Domestic violence usually gives rise to divorces between the couples as domestic violence is mostly witnessed in a marriage.

Domestic Violence

By: admin Domestic Violence 12 February 2020

Any act, omission or conduct of harms or injuries which endangers the health and safety of life of an aggrieved person, whether mentally or physically including sexual abuse, physical abuse, financial abuse, verbal...
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Procedure to File Complain against Domestic Violence

By: admin Domestic Violence 02 August 2019

Women have always struggled against atrocities committed on them. Domestic violence is one of such brutality which is prevalent in every class of the society to the extent that either you are a victim or you may have...
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Case Law on Domestic Violence

By: admin Domestic Violence 19 April 2019

Husband of Delhi air hostess who killed self used to beat me: Former Miss India, The woman has allegedly told the police that Mayank once even chased her with a knife. I'm ending my life, Anissia texted husband Mayank at 4:12 pm....
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