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All About 7/12 Extract
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All About 7/12 Extract
All About 7/12 Extract
It is seen that massive list of documents with complicated terms is required for the purchase of properties. 7/12 Extract is one of these documents. This document is precisely needed when a buyer is looking to purchase plots. It is, traditionally called as “Saath Baara Utara” in Maharashtra, which is an extract from the land register of the district, maintained by the revenue department of the government in the state of Maharashtra. It is a document which gives complete information about a particular piece of land. It includes details such as the survey number, area, date from which the current owner's name has registered etc.
Generally, the Tehsildar or any other concerned land authority issues the 7/12 extract. One can pay the official fee to get a copy of the 7/12 extract.
The 7/12 document or ‘Record of Land Rights’ is used for looking up the ownership of ancestral land in a village, this helps in checking past conflicts, or any litigation orders passed affecting the land or any existing litigation. 7/12 extract has a record of all the activities that have been conducted on the land. The record also establishes the identity of the land legally, covering the natural aspects of the surroundings. Whether it is agricultural land, the document also has a history of the crops that were last cultivated in the land.
How to get 7/12 extract?
7/ 12 extract can be obtained by visiting the nearest Tehsildar’s office and applying for the 7/12 document for the particular tenure. It can be obtained from the concerned government’s website. Visit the website and find your desired locality in the district map to view the 7/12 extract. 
You may get the result by following these steps:
  1. By selecting the Taluk and Village details from the corresponding lists.
  2. By selecting any of the following options and entering the essential information and search for the required 7/12 extract details.
  3. Query by Survey No.— If you know the survey number of the property, you can use this option to search for the 7/12 extract.
  4. Query by Name — This option allows you to search for the 7/12 extracts by name
  5. Click on Show 7/12.
The government has introduced two software system E-chavdi and E-mutation to bring clarity to the process of obtaining 7/12 extracts. This software will enable the Talathis to obtain soft copies of the 7/12 extracts.
Maharashtra Land Revenue Code,1966 by Section 148-159 provides for maintaining the Record of Rights in every village. It so governed by the rules made under (Maharashtra Land Revenue Record of Rights and Registers (Preparation and maintenance) Rules 1971, rules – 3, 5,6,7,9 and 29.
The 7/12 extract contains the following information about the land;
- Survey number of land
Area of the land – Fit for cultivation
- Changes in ownership
- Mutation numbers
- Type of land (agricultural or non-agricultural)
- Type of irrigation (irrigated type or rainfed type)
- Details pending loans for buying seeds, pesticides or fertilisers
- Information about the kind of crops planted in the last cultivating season
- Details of pending litigations, if any
- Details of tax paid and unpaid
Uses of 7/12 extract or Saat Baara Utara
The primary uses of 7/12 extract are as follows:
- Proof of Ownership
- Land type & Activities
- Agricultural Information
Property Sale Transaction
- Bank Loan
- Civil Litigation
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