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Case Law on Domestic Violence
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Case Law on Domestic Violence

Case Law: Husband of Delhi air hostess who killed self used to beat me: Former Miss India, The woman has allegedly told the police that Mayank once even chased her with a knife.


I'm ending my life, Anissia texted husband Mayank at 4:12 pm.

Anissia jumped off a building terrace at around 4:30 pm on July 13, 2018.

Mayank and his family have been asked to join the probe.

Mayank Singhvi, the software engineer husband of Anissia Batra, who was employed as an air hostess with the German airline, Lufthansa, committed suicide, she might have had a series of domestic assault, as per the report submitted by the Delhi Police in a court.

The Delhi Police have seized a BMW and a diamond ring on July 16, 2018, from the house of the air hostess Anissia Batra, who allegedly committed suicide on July 13, 2018.  Both the car and the ring were given by Anissa's family to her husband. The police have also confiscated mobile phones of the couple amid the family's allegation that she was a victim of domestic violence.

The report says that a woman, who once a winner of the Miss India beauty pageant, had come forward and claimed that she was once engaged with Mayank Singhvi and that he regularly assaulted her during the time they were together. Anissia Batra had allegedly told the police that Mayank once had chased her with a knife, after which she broke off her engagement.

Domestic Assault

After Anissia killed herself, soon her family accused Mayank Singhvi and his parents of being responsible for the air hostess's death. Anissa's mother said that Mayank was a divorcee but had covered it. “The abuse had begun during the couple’s honeymoon. Mayank beat her up in the room and lobby of the hotel they were staying at. She had to move to safety at a friend’s place and returned to India alone,” alleged Neelam in her complaint to the police. Also, her mother alleged that “Mayank would drink and beat my daughter.” Anissa's family also revealed that around the night before she killed herself, her father had written to the Delhi Police machinery saying, "...if any physical harm is caused to my daughter, Mayank, as well as the in-laws, will be considered responsible." The police didn't react to the letter.

After Mayank Singhvi was arrested on July 24, 2018, Anissa's family released a set of photos which they said were proof that their daughter was a victim of domestic assault. Photos released by Anissia Batra's family. The photos showed bruised limbs.

What Happened on July 13, 2018?

According to the police, Anissia and Mayank got into an argument on July 13, 2018. The couple's neighbour heard a "heated argument" take place. Phone records obtained by the police show that Anissia messaged a friend on Whatsapp at around 2:56 pm that day, which read as: "He [Mayank] has locked me inside the room. Please call the police. Please come if you can. I am locked up..." followed by a message a minute later read as "Finally I got my phone, I am at N 116... I need help.. he [Mayank] is sitting outside guarding my room...," The friend informed her that she could not come right away but told that another friend could reach Anissa's place sooner. But, by 4 pm Anissia had made her mind and at around 4:12 pm, the air hostess sent another WhatsApp message which read as: "I am going to kill myself today because Mayank has driven me to it. He finally let me out but I can't repair what he has done to me."

It is believed that she had messaged Mayank that she was going to end her life. Following her last WhatsApp message to her friend she went to her home's terrace and jumped off.

The police have arrested Mayank Singhvi and the Delhi Police's crime branch is probing the case.

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