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Doctors protest continues, NMC Bill to be tabled in Rajya Sabha.
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Doctors protest continues, NMC Bill to be tabled in Rajya Sabha.

The patients are bearing the brunt as doctors protest against the NMC Bill. The health care services of government hospitals are likely to be hit as resident doctors are deciding to withdraw the services, including that of the emergency department. The protest of withdrawing the services is against the NMC bill, and it shall be tabled in Rajya Sabha.  Amid widespread protest, Health Minister Harsh Vardhan tweeted late night that he would table the NMC bill for the passage in the Rajya Sabha. He also assured that if the bill is passed, it will bring significant changes in the medical sector.
The president of Federation of Resident Doctors Association (RDA), Dr Sumedh Sandanshiv stated that the resident doctors would refrain from providing their services in OPD, emergency department and ICU’s as a mark of protest and will continue the strike for an indefinite period if the bill is tabled and passed in Rajya Sabha.
Also, the RDA of the AIIMS and some other hospitals have given separate notices to the administration regarding the protest. They have informed that they will march towards parliament in the afternoon.
The doctors of various hospitals wore black badges to work as a mark on protest against the bill. The Indian medical association (IMA) has expressed reservation over certain sections of the bill and will give a call to withdraw the non-essential services. The IMA has called for a hunger strike at local branches and has urged students to boycott the classes.
Several hospital authorities have issued a contingency plan for the smooth functioning of health care services that will function by the sponsored faculty members and pool officers. The faculty members of other medical/surgical department will also be deployed in case of emergency.
The Doctors are demanding certain amendments in the bill since if the bill is passed, it will lead to deteriorating the medical education and degradation of the health care services. They are objecting section 45 of the bill claiming that the Union Government is empowered to override the suggestion of the National Medical Commission.
The bill was passed at Lok Sabha to create NMC in place of MCI. It was passed by a majority of 260 members voting in favour and 46 members against it. The bill proposes that a common final year MBBS exam National Exit Test (NEXT) is necessary for post-graduation medical courses and to obtain a license to practice medicine.
Status:  The NMC Bill will be tabled in Rajya Sabha today for consideration and passage on Thursday.
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