October 25, 2017
It is human nature to wish upon stars and swear upon things. When you want to prove that you’re saying the truth, you’ll swear upon your life and will generally take it to close relatives as well. “Swearing on your mother” is probably the highest level or affirmation of truth there is. However, when you go into the court of law to prove the truth and falsity of something, simple a swear won’t suffice. In the eyes of law, a truth is only a truth which the person affirms as the truth. And even this is not limited to oral acceptances.
September 08, 2017
Many of us would associate this term with negative meanings. It has been depicted in pop culture as a tool of ultimate power that causes people to lose their livelihood, their businesses, and basically leave them homeless. In reality, a power of attorney has the same power as any other legal document you bind yourself by. It is not an all pervasive perverse deed but a helpful tool. So what is a Power of Attorney?
September 08, 2017
The basic necessities for life are food clothing and shelter, this we are all aware of. However, luxury and stable income leads us to enhance these basics. From food we go to expensive cuisines, from clothing we go to branded boutiques and from shelter we go to condos. Different strata of people work differently to fulfill these basic amenities. While the rich buy huge apartments, the middle class choose to rent their houses. To purchase a property means that it belongs to you.